Commitment to society and the environment

The Green is committed to society and the planet

“Green” is on not only part of our name…. We are committed to sustainable and societal development. To transmit a cleaner planet to our children, we are acting on several levels:

  • By removing as much plastic packaging as possible from the breakfast, we reduce the volume of waste generated and ensure that the packaging of your jam ration will not end up in the sea.
  • By promoting local products for breakfast, we support the activity of our market farmers, beekeepers, etc. These short circuits also limit transport pollution.
  • By selecting, when possible, organic foods for our breakfast buffet, and by banning palm oil, we limit the use of toxic products in the crop, for the health of the earth and our stomachs.
  • By creating a plot of 10,000 m2 planted with trees of local species, we help preserving biodiversity. A flock of sheep contributes to the shearing in eco-grazing.

Every action counts! The sum of many small actions contribute to saving energy within our establishment: the installation of timer to light our corridors, water-saving mixers in our bathrooms and kitchenettes, LED bulbs in each lamp, etc.

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Association commitment

Le Green des Impressionnistes is a long-standing partner of Solikend : the leading solidarity website for hotel night reservations.

Each year, we provide 20 to 50 nights for the benefit of the voluntary sector. We undertake to donate the entire amount you pay for this night to the association of your choice (medical research, child protection, ecology and environment, social solidarity).

We are proud of all these actions, as evidenced by our regular participation to Ecos-challenges launched by the French Vexin Regional Natural Park.

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