French Vexin Regional Natural Park

    Le Green des Impressionnistes is located in the French Vexin Regional Natural Park. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted: the park is full of beautiful landscapes, typical villages and preserved fauna and flora.

    Where to go?

    The Vexin park is full of remarkable natural sites: marshes, ponds, hills, woods, geological sites, etc. See the non-exhaustive list on the park website.

    On foot

    Whether in the woods or in the sun, on the straight Julius Caesar road (Roman road linking Paris to Rouen) or winding through the green valleys of the Sausseron and Viosne, the park and its treasures are pleasant to discover.

    There are many routes through the park, circuits and loops. Choose your happiness among the 1000km of marked trails on the hiking trails of the Val d’Oise. You will find a selection of routes on the park’s website.

    This same site is full of hiking ideas and tips: consult it to prepare your expedition.

    On horseback

    The Vexin inhabitants are often passionate about horse riding. Many clubs are established in the park. You can go for a ride for a few hours, a day or even several days.

    Contact one of the structures to organize your horseback riding.

    By bike

    Do you want to accelerate the movement without too much effort? Le Green Des Impressionnistes lends you electric bicycles.

    The museum

    The park also has its museum: the Maison du Parc, located in the beautiful castle of Théméricourt. You will find documentation on nearby sites and attractions and many regional books in the shop.

    Practical information on the park website.

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