• Homme courant sur un sentier

Take your sneakers with you and continue your practice during your stay. The surroundings of the Green reserve you beautiful races, for all levels. A breath of fresh air and beautiful views will be waiting for you!

Here is an example of a suggested route along the Oise river (distance: 10.5km; altitude difference: 95m).

Does a 10km race seem too long to you? Choose the route below, shorter but with steeper slopes (distance: 5km ; elevation gain: 63m). Take the path behind the Green to cut through the fields and join the rue des Coteaux.

Carte indiquant un parcours pédestre à Ennery et Pontoise

Another idea of a route, using softer slopes and passing through the charming village of Ennery (distance: 5km; altitude difference: 59m).

Carte présentant un parcours pédestre à Ennery

Are you tired of running? Ask us to lend you an electric bike.

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